My Workspace Revealed

Having recently seen Chris’ desk over at Blog-Op, I thought I’d inflict my own on you. You can thank Josh over at Time For Blogging for the original idea.

As you can see it has more than just desk like things on it, though this is one of it’s tidier days!

Why not share your space with us? :grin:


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16 Responses to My Workspace Revealed

  1. You’ve tidied that up!

    I’m surprised you left your underwear in view though….

  2. I did say it was one of it’s tidier days, all that’s been done recently is put some books back on the bookcase.

    Btw, I don’t know what you’re looking at, but there is no underwear in my picture and funnily enough I don’t keep it on my desk anyway… :evil:

  3. Bet it made you look though :twisted:

  4. Thanks for joining us by sharing your workspace! It’s a ton better then mine, as you’ve already seen!

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  6. Your desk seems very cozy.

  7. Thank you, or do you mean cluttered? :wink:

  8. Tidy but cluttered, just the way mine is (well not actually tidy but i am studying)

  9. You should of put an embarrassing picture of Chris on your desk :grin:

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  11. cozy = cluttered – not so sure about that…

    It does give me a very “homey” feeling…

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  13. Kai

    ACK! I knew I had seen another one – but couldn’t remember who!

  14. Kai

    All fixed now – no more crying though… promise? hehe

  15. Oh, and I’ll take cozy as a compliment then :mrgreen:

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