Mystery Church – Can You Help?

In the course of my research, I have come across the photo shown below.

It is not inscribed on the back, but comes with other pictures of a tomb previously unknown to me.  The person I believed, was located in a mausoleum in Scotland.

It is very important to me to find out which church this is, and its location.  If you can help, please leave a comment or email me.

All I know is that it is in England, and I strongly believe that it is in Sussex.  Any ideas appreciated, thank you!

It's a mystery!

7 thoughts on “Mystery Church – Can You Help?

  1. Are you able to pin it down to a particular area of Sussex? Otherwise it could be quite an area to comb. Saying that, it looks quite an unusual church to me – towers aren’t usually flat like that, and it has those three arches at the top of the tower. have a website. Is it worth emailing the webmaster?

    • Jean, I don’t have much to go on. I know the person often convalesced in St. Leonards, but I have just found a mention of Bournemouth also. Plus she has London connections amongst other places, i.e France!

      Sheila, I didn’t want to narrow it too much, and have people look in completely the wrong place. I’m hoping that it will be someone’s local and they will know it immediately! Thanks for the site, I think I may have popped in there, but I hadn’t thought about emailing the webmaster.

      It’s more difficult because the photo is and old printed one, and doesn’t scan well, enlarging it makes it quite grainy. I have hope though, as some very nice Flickr people are helping me look too.

  2. I would contact the East Sussex and West Sussex record offices ( they are separate). perhaps an archivist there can recognize the church. I don’t think it’s an impossible task. I can recognize all my Hampshire and Yorkshire church photos… :smile:

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