(Near) End of Season Castle Update

I can’t believe how fast the year has gone – and it’s that time again, when the end of castle season looms.

Hmm, update, well…

  • The Castle Fraser Restaurant has been up and running since August, and I’m told is doing well and has gorgeous food.
  • Ilyria came to perform the Mowgli Stories from the Jungle book.
  • Gnasher from the Beano has been lurking in our corridors (in fact, still is).
  • We’ve had lots of cool Ranger walks around the grounds this year, and the Mum was actually comissioned to make woolly bats for the children’s bat walk!
  • Great garden open day, plus great sales for plants, bulbs and veg too.
  • The second hand books and teddy bear orphans have been flying out the door to new homes (thanks everyone!) and the final bears for this year can now also be clothed in hats and scarves until we close for the Winter.
  • We’re now in the midst of doing bat crafts for children in the castle too for half term, as well as the annual bat quiz.
  • We’ve also been able to display more items to visitors this year – check out some of them in the Library.

This is all I can remember for now, I’m sure someone will remind me if I’ve forgotten anything! We’ve had an amazingly busy year (thank you) and though we will close for the Winter on the 1st November, we will be back in December with some Christmas events.  More on that soon…

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