6 thoughts on “Nerds Click Here

  1. Well, I’m only slightly Dorky Claire does that make me a nerd too?…stop by and tell us what you get when you finish Rhonda! Thanks for the bling, I love bling. :smile:

  2. OK. I’m back. It took so long, I closed out and went running. When I came back it was a completely different test! 😯 ?? So, I started over *hmmmph* Keep in mind I’ve been on this thing since 9am…The sad thing is, I was hoping I’d be more of a nerd — see! Dork thru and thru. However, I’m only a kinda-dorky non-nerd!!! Is this better or worse than “slightly”? Hahaha btw: this test is hilarious! Everyone should take it just to have a good laugh! 😆 …p.s. you’re so welcome for the bling 😀

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