On My Travels – Hardwick Hall

I do try to see as many historic houses and castles, monuments etc, on my travels around the UK.  An intriguing house being that of Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, built by Bess of Hardwick, the descendants of which are contained in the ancestry of many of today’s richest aristocratic families.

Not only did she build one Hardwick Hall, when this was no longer good enough, she built another in sight of it!  Mind you, Bess like to build, she also built Chatsworth House, which many of you have probably already heard of.

The strange thing is, both houses – albeit one in ruins – are equally compelling. Though, I think I like the original best of all, which is why I’ve pictured it below.








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3 Responses to On My Travels – Hardwick Hall

  1. won’t that ruin be dangerous since it is uhmm.. already old and is already leaning?

  2. Don’t worry there’s far more of it than it looks, and no danger of it falling just yet!

  3. They built them well, tho’ the foundations are often only inches deep :shock:

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