Picture Perfect, A Review

I’d been thinking about having one of my photos made up into a big print for a while now, so when the offer came to have one made up into a canvas print it made perfect sense to try it.

The only problem was to decide which picture I was going to choose.  You wouldn’t believe just how long I can stare at photos, seriously.  In the end, I focused on my castle pictures.  I have always wanted to have something of the castle on display permanently.

So I chose an unusual view of the castle to be sent off to be made into one of the professional canvas prints.  That was after I’d tweaked the colours a little, and sharpened the view of the house.

So here is the final product, which I’m very proud of.  It only took a few days for the print to arrive, and it’s really nice.  Very well made, and packaged and with the appropriate equipment to hang it up straight away.  Apologies for my picture, which isn’t doing it justice at all.  My version is the 30x40cm one.

You can find out more here about trying online canvas printing for yourself.  I’m just looking for ideas on where to hang it now!

Let me know what you think of my canvas picture.  I might even get some more made for myself or even as presents…

2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect, A Review

    • Hi Shakespeare!

      Thanks – my one is the 30x40cm version – I know they do all different sizes. If you go to their page, and look at Prices and Sizes there’s a whole range there.

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