Postcard Collection: Ladies or Valentines Edition

Some more of my collection:

First is a vintage Valentine’s card franked February 14th, 1901 and is my only American postcard.  The lucky lady is Miss Rubie Bray of Bethlehem, PA.

The second pretty Sarah card has not been franked, but was sent to Miss Sarah Hawkin by her friend Bertha.  I think the images of Sarah may be that of Sarah Bernhardt, the actress.

The final card I believe is a WWI card, and has not been used.  It does however advertise the purchase of Government Securities.


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5 Responses to Postcard Collection: Ladies or Valentines Edition

  1. Love the “Sarah” Postcard!!

  2. The Sarah postcard looks quite modern, doesn’t it. You see cards like that on Moonpig! Now I know where they get their inspiration!

    • Perfect indeed for you Sarah! Nice to ‘see’ you.

      There’s nothing new under the Sun though Nicola! It must have seemed particularly modern in its time I think.

  3. I like the one with the name. It has me wondering how I could make one for myself. :)

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