Prince Caspian

I know, I like the weird and wonderful films…though I read all these books in childhood, so the story has some good memories.

One for me to see eventually on DVD perhaps?


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  1. hmmm very nice triller will try to watch it when it comes here in our city i really like walt disney movies

    Anyway, just want to inform you that your link was included on my blog at worldwide link Love

  2. ashii

    Hey there i have read all the books in the series of the chronicles of narnia. I think they are a great read. I have even seen the lion , the witch and the wizard. The best thing about the movie is that the makers have stayed true to the book.
    I am now waiting for the chronicles of narnia- Prince Caspian. It’s the biggest thing this summer.
    I have seen the trailer and I am totally in love with Ben Barnes.
    It’s going to hit the theaters on the 16th of May. 16 more days to go!

  3. Hi, yes the trailer looks good and Prince Caspian certainly has potential. We’ll see!

    Hi Max!!

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