Rain Stopped Play

I should subtitle this one ‘Fancy a Wii?’ – just because.

Well I managed to fit in the historical research I’m pleased to say, though my idea of fun is going through old musty records. Research is a wonderful thing, sigh.

You know what they say though, be careful what you wish for. I was hoping to squeeze some photography in on Friday, but it absolutely chucked it down with rain in the morning and was pretty windy, though this had calmed slightly by the afternoon the sky was still really grey and I’d given up the thought of attempting anything decent. I’m hoping to get to a ruined castle called Inverallochy soon for reasons that shall become apparent once I explain another time…

I finished Friday being thoroughly thrashed at bowling on the Nintendo Wii by my 6 year old nephews. I’m crushed I tell you…

P.S I’ve been a bad blogfriend the last couple of days and hope to visit some of you shortly, honest.

3 thoughts on “Rain Stopped Play

  1. Uh oh my nephew got a wii for his birthday and when I go to Hamburg next week he has promised to show me how to play, that translates into getting thrashed by nephew lol


  2. This is the only video game I can get behind. My brother and I never had any video game consoles growing up, but we were addicted to the TV. Thank goodness for advances in technology and the realization that we need to get off our butts and do something so we don’t get soggy when we are out of the rain!

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