Romance Isn’t Dead on This Blog…

I’ve already inflicted my Georgette Heyer laden burbles on you (now there’s a sentence for you, heh), but lately, aside from my re-reading her novels I’ve been tempted back to reading historical novels and those of the romantic variety.

For those of you that may be interested, here’s some of my favourites (including series), and a few that I’m reading now:

Sylvia Thorpe After I’d more or less finished reading the Heyer novels I was desperate for more fodder.  Thorpe is excellent, her detail is on par with Heyer’s I think.  I think her books started being published in around the fifties, though it could be slightly earlier.  She is thoroughly out of print to my knowledge though, so you will have to search second hand book shops.  I also love Alice Chetwynd Ley, who is similarly excellent, though slightly more romantic, dare I say it…  Honourable mention goes to Mira Stables, and the only novel I can find written in the Georgian/Regency period ‘The Marriage Mart’, which was written by Patricia Burns.

All out of print, though not too hard to find.  If you want lists, do let me know.  I have also just begun to collect another out of print author – Patricia Veryan.

For the medieval amongst you, that includes me, I absolutely adore Elizabeth Chadwick.  I’d recommend any of her books, but my favourite, which is just being re-printed is ‘The Wild Hunt’.  If you like these you will probably also like Sharon Penman (Sharon Kay Penman in the US).  My favourite: ‘The Sunne in Splendour’.  Slightly further on in time, or maybe not is Diana Gabaldon.  Have you read her Outlander series?  It begins in the 1940s and time travels to a Scotland at the time of Culloden.  Since I have a soft spot for Frasers, I’ve had a copy of Cross Stitch aka Outlander to read for ages.

An old, but new, favourite of mine springing back once again to Regency is Stephanie Laurens.  I came upon a collection of her stories by lucky accident some years ago.  She has since gone on to write the Cynster family novels, which at the beginning are excellent, especially ‘Devil’s Bride’, but peter off a bit for me with the current stories.  I particularly like her early novels that have just been re-published about the Lester family.

Which leads me to Eloisa James.  She is, in the nicest possible way, my problem child.  I started to read her novels, which I loved, but have been unable to connect to any since.  She is on my must try again list, though the original books I read the ‘Pleasures’ trilogy I highly recommend.  It was the second book onwards of the ‘Essex Sisters’ books that I got bored with.

It was a stroke of second hand bookshop fortune that lead me to Mary Balogh.  I have read all of the ‘Slightly’ books, and am now making my way through the ‘Simply’ ones, which are loosely connected in places.  I find her stories a little hit and miss though, some I love, some I don’t.  I particularly liked ‘Slightly Dangerous’ and ‘A Summer to Remember’.  But then, I do love my Alastairs.  (Bonus points go to those of you who get my reference!)

A little spicier, but no worse for it, is Nicole Jordan.  I don’t have them all yet, but I’m really enjoying her ‘Paradise’ series, and plan to get all of her books in time.  Quick mention also goes to Gaelen Foley, I’m very new to her books, but have just started the ‘Knights Miscellaney’ series and hope to read more.

Last, but not least, my current reading pleasure (not guilty) is Julia Quinn.  I’ve just realised I read her earlier series some years ago, but came upon one of her ‘Bridgerton’ series of books by accident.  I am now reading my way up and down the series as my local bookshops haven’t had all of them for me to read in order, the swines.  I also like ‘The Secret Diary of Miranda Cheever’.  Quinn writes with a great sense of humour.

More?  I’m still reading my way through the world.  I will recommend more authors as I remember and discover them.  What are your thoughts?  Do comment or email me, especially if you want to hear more.

5 thoughts on “Romance Isn’t Dead on This Blog…

  1. I’m not really a reader of romance novels (except for all of my mum’s library books I used to sneakily read in my early teens!) though I have read a couple of Georgette Heyers. I read the first few Outlander novels but went off them fairly quickly. The Sunne in Splendour though is one of my favourite novels; I haven’t read it in years and I forgot to ‘borrow’ it from my mum last time I was home! Hopefully it’ll turn up on BookMooch some day (or I could just buy it on Amazon).

  2. I’ll try just about any genre really Catherine, though I go through stages, which this is probably one of! Yeah, I’ll have to see about Outlander one of these days, but I loved Penman when I first started reading her books years ago, and I think ‘Sunne’ was the first one I read funnily enough.

    You must also have excellent taste Starrlight! 😉 I haven’t read all of her detective ones though, I’m not so interested in them at the moment. Though, thinking about it, I can’t believe I didn’t mention Ellis Peter’s Cadfael books…I’ll have to update my post with those, they’re also excellent as are the TV adaptations.

  3. Ha ha, as I was reading the beginning of your post, I was thinking “Oh she should read Julia Quinn! And Mary Balogh! And Nicole Jordan!”, but you already had that covered! :mrgreen:

    Julia Quinn is an absolute favorite of mine. Have you read any of Victoria Alexander’s work?

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