Round-Up of Castle and Historic Houses Visits 2008

It was a good year for visits in 2008, and I thought I would re-visit this briefly as the new season will soon be upon us!

I managed to visit and photograph 54 properties and ruins August-October alone.  This is without counting properties it wasn’t possible to photograph (private/difficult to get too/see) and some historic churches, plus  small number of stone circles, sacred sites I didn’t include in this.

If you missed some of my posts about the places that I visited between August and October, here are a few links:

A-Castle Hunting We Will Go!

Castles, Castles, Everywhere…

The Day By the Sea I should also point out that I’ve restored the brooch I mentioned in ‘The Day By the Sea’ and will photograph it soon.  It turns out, someone had coloured it in with a marker pen!

I realise that I didn’t add the last set of visitable places either, so here they are now.

Auchindoun Castle a lovely, and still quite large ruin with great views of the area.  Up steep hill though!

Ballindalloch Castle fabulous location, still a family home, castle kept in wonderful order and very interesting collection, recommended.

Brodie Castle again, great location and very pretty castle.  Very interesting collection, and historic garden with duck pond.  Watch out for dizzying interior but ex-exterior stone staircase though!

I also visited in 2008, Braemar Castle, Huntly Castle, Kildrummy Castle, Tolquhon Castle, Corgarff Castle, Glenbuchat Castle, Fyvie Castle, Drum Castle, Haddo House, Leith Hall and Crathes Castle.  Plus, Castle Fraser – of course, but more about that later.  The majority of these were re-visits, I tend to go every year.

It is important to remember when in NE Scotland that you never know when you might see a ruined castle from the roadside.  Please do –  enjoy, photograph, but I’d advise not approach unless you are sure that:

  • it is not private property – location could belong to an estate or farmer (especially if there are crops),
  • watch out for animals – sheep or cows could be grazing nearby,
  • the ruin is safe to approach – some are in a very dangerous state.

Here’s to 2009, and lots more!

2 thoughts on “Round-Up of Castle and Historic Houses Visits 2008

  1. I really enjoyed…

    Auchindoun and Ballindalloch definitely!
    Delgatie Castle was a fascinating if decrepit building and I plan to go again this year (in better weather!)

    Lots of ruins which I won’t list here because some are quite private or undergoing development.
    Recommended for these…hiking boots, eagle eyes for scary cows, waterproofs, strong nerves and don’t fall into a hole injuring yourself like I did!

    I really want to visit Glamis and Balmoral this year too and Craigston if I can find out when its open……

  2. I loved Delgatie and Ballindalloch, probably more as a bit of light relief from neglected ruins!

    Yes of course, sturdy boots and waterproofs, maps, Castles of Scotland by Martin Coventry and a cow lookout. Wanted to visit Balmoral last year, and I haven’t seen Glamis for years.

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