Shiny New Awards!

I love awards. Not just for being awarded something (though I do like that too), but I do get a bit of a fuzzy feeling when another blogger passes me an award because they like my blog.

So, thank you muchly to Rhonda a new blogfriend for these. :smile:

I appreciate all my readers, and am thinking of doing an award or contest…or both, very soon. Watch this space people.

6 thoughts on “Shiny New Awards!

  1. Hello fellow Entrecarder,

    This has nothing to do with your award post… or does it!? =)

    I absolutely love your header… I came here and stared at that picture and it instantly lowered my blood pressure… It’s the best one I’ve seen thus far and I’ve seen many…

    You win my award for header of the year. Thanks for the health increase. =)


  2. Well done you – and thanks for going to “see” my mother-in-law. Do leave her a message – it would really make her day and her computer is able to read messages aloud.

  3. Thanks again Rhonda, and cheers Webduck!

    Welcome Cecilia, I’m glad you like it. This is the castle I work at, and one of my spiritual homes. All photos are by me here, unless otherwise stated. You’re welcome with the health increase! 😉

    Thanks Jean, I’ve now popped over and left her a message.

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