Ski Sunday

No, don’t get excited I can’t ski and I didn’t go out Skiing today.

Since I was a child it has been something of a tradition to watch the TV programme Ski Sunday, not all the time, but for the bits that took place on the Austrian ski slopes.

To explain, we don’t really ski, but we have dabbled in the snow, in Austria. Chris and I spent many an hour trying to kill skiers while we practiced our tobogganing, never mind running over our own fingers whilst tobogganing backwards down the hill! As a family we have a great attachment to Austria, in particular the Tyrol and Kitzbuehel. The famous downhill race takes place in Kitzbuehel on the Hahnenkamm mountain.

We used to watch the great Franz Klammer (I have a video of him on the blog somewhere), and my parents attended the Innsbruck Winter Olympics (the skiing being in Kitz) to watch him win. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make that event, as my Mum was pregnant with me, not such a good view from there, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, it was the first Ski Sunday of the season today, and we enjoyed picking apart the Men’s Downhill race in Kitz as usual.

I still only cheer for the Austrian skiers to this day.  :smile:

3 thoughts on “Ski Sunday

  1. Jim and I were living in Germany right before the 1972 Olympics (summer) when Mark Spitz won all of his swimming medals too. I remember watching Franz Klammer ski, lo, these many years ago also. You brought back some memories for me of our early married years Alison. I can just imagine you and your brother and that award-winning tobogganing. :) Is THAT where the saying “the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat (and amputated fingers) came from? ::::cackle:::

  2. I’ll be back to read more of your blog. Ski Sunday was also a favourite when I was a child. We don’t get it here but the French often have a ski afternoon so we sit down in front of the fire and enjoy it still.

  3. Fun times eh Webduck?! Plus we still have all our fingers. 😉

    It’s great isn’t it Jean? I don’t know why we like it really…but I miss David Vine. Welcome to the Eleanorblog btw!

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