Small, But Perfectly Formed Edwardian Photograph

Such a pretty little one, with a lovely border from my collection. I have tried to show it here round about the exact size. Another Pollyanna perhaps??


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4 Responses to Small, But Perfectly Formed Edwardian Photograph

  1. That is beautiful. It’s not a tin type is it?

  2. Oh yay. Love. It.

    Gr8 weekend 2 ya, friend. *squeezies*

  3. Very nice. How large is your collection? Just this time period? Or all old photos?

  4. I think it might be, L.S. Though I don’t have any others like this to compare, mainly CDVs. Thanks Rhonda :smile:

    Thanks Max, it’s not very, and they are all either Victorian or Edwardian. No design to it, just worked out that way. They’re very inexpensive, which is good, I just wait for the next one to come along to catch my eye…

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