Snow Go

I’m used to living in an area that will have a fair amount of snow every year, but the amount we’ve had over the past week is just ridiculous.  I have now been under house arrest since Thursday, and only made one very dodgy trip out in a semi-blizzard to get some fresh food from the shop down the road.

I haven’t been able to do anything, and am really bored now!  Bog off snow, you’ve done your job.  Go and annoy someone else, thank you.

On the plus side, if there is one,  I like the very pretty icicles – so long as they don’t impale me later.

The Moon is out...

8 thoughts on “Snow Go

  1. If you have icicles you must be having some sun off and on. Either that or you need to insulate your roof. Heh.

    Lovely picture. Looks cold, although I know it isn’t. :)

    It has started snowing here now too, after several days of beautiful weather. Sigh.

  2. I don’t know if your comments will take links or not, but check out this picture of the snow going on at Stine’s house in Norway. Holy crapola, huh? Now this is what real snow looks like. No, not here, at Stines in Norway. Better her than us, eh?

    • It looks amazing at Stine’s, but actually my garden looked not dissimilar to that. I took the picture when the plough had been and the sun had been out in the afternoon, just before it started to get dark. We have had tonnes here.

  3. Better her than us – hrmf! This morning, we woke up to a clear sky (the sun is blazing now) and minus 18 celcius. Now, I don’t mind the snow, but the forecast didn’t say anything about this cold… I must admit that it’s beautiful. I’d much rather be here when it’s cold than in England though. The coldest I’ve ever been was in England in winter. Indoors. Haven’t tried Scotland, but I suspect your houses aren’t that much better suited for the below 0s.
    Mind the icicles!

  4. Acccckkkk! We’re having snow here again too! Yes, I know it is only early Feb., but we have had more snow this year than usual. All part of the global climate change though, I suppose. Hotter summers, more rain, more snow, more whining. Bah!

    • I know I bore people, but I just can’t stop speaking about the weather, as I’ve been trapped in by it A LOT. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

      All warm weather/rain/melting snow thoughts welcome, thank you.

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