Snowed In

Oh the joy of waking up this morning.  Earlier on I’d been impressed to see that the snow from Wednesday was receeding, and I was fervently hoping that it would melt overnight.

8am.  Open curtains.  I can’t see anything through the window…

Turns out it was snowing so hard it was impossible to do anything.  The road hasn’t been cleared, schools have been shut and we are advised not to travel.  Worst snow for a while I think, and it had to coincide with a day I actually had things planned to do, thanks.

On and unrelated topic, I have decided to join Twitter.  If you want to add me, or me to add you for that matter, you can find me as ‘alisonlodge’.

Here’s to melting snow, or the occasional appearance of a plough, cheers.

4 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. This post needs pics!

    No ploughs round here either & the boys are off school 😈 Unfortunately we didn’t find out until after we’d arrived at the school in a blizzard to be met by a single apologetic member of staff: their super-duper automated weather line was still telling us about June because it couldn’t take the volume of calls on……a bad weather day.

    Really, you couldn’t make it up :roll:

  2. Oh Alison, don’t be blue. There are many things worse than being snowed in. It gives you a chance to sort your collecton. If you lived here you would just have to learn to love snow. I’m glad you joined twitter. :)

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