So, It’s the End of 2007 Already

It’s come around so fast, new year’s eve.  I’ve never liked this time –  I prefer to be asleep when it turns midnight myself.  I find it all quite boring.

I hope you have all had a great Christmas holiday period and thanks to those of you who popped by and left Christmas greetings, they are much appreciated.

So, what’s new for 2008?  Well I have a few more historical posts to write, some genealogical ones too.  I don’t stop working on this kind of thing, just don’t post about it until I feel like it!  Haven’t really had much opportunity to be out with my camera lately, but I’m hoping to get some snowy shots soon to post here.  We had a very pretty severe frost on Christmas morning, which was almost like having a white Christmas!  Maybe I should have taken a picture of that, but gifts were calling…

Castle Fraser is closed now until Easter, so I shall be perfecting my children’s quizzes and doing a lot more research into the family for the next year.  I suspect that I still have many more interesting things to find.  I have also got plans to do more with my current photographic images and am thinking about adding a shop to these pages, but we shall see…oh, and more metal gigs please!

Here’s to us!  :mrgreen:

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