So Many Brooches, So Little Time

In the past, I’ve only talked about my ‘name’ or ‘sweetheart’ brooches, and did one post a very long while ago about my hand brooches.  Since then, I’ve diversified quite a bit, and have picked up a number of different designs that have caught my eye, or I have fallen in love with.  Most are Victorian, some Edwardian.

To bring you up to date with the ‘name’ brooches, I have just 2 more of those, Phylis and Louisa.  As part of a lot, I recently got an Edwardian ‘mother’ brooch also.  The hand brooches, which are made of pressed and dyed horn, I have only managed to get one more – a hand holding a basket.  Some of these are fairly rare now and harder to find.  I personally would love to find one with a fan, that’s a beautiful design.

For some strange reason lately I’ve been buying ‘good luck’ brooches, I have 3 here all showing horse shoes.  Plus 3 pretty random ones, I love Oak trees, so one with Acorns, one pretty paste star and a pierced silver swallow design dangling from a bow.

The final brooch of the day has to be the very romantic swallow, framed in a heart made of forget-me-nots.  I acquired this at Fyvie Castle last Summer, I particularly love the saftey catch, also with a swallow.  I wear this one a lot.

Brooches are such a great thing to collect.  For a few pounds you can get a really nice silver Victorian brooch and own a little piece of history.  Be warned though, it’s addictive!

2 thoughts on “So Many Brooches, So Little Time

  1. I have a real soft spot for that one. The collection’s growing much faster than I thought it would, I’ve picked up a few extra brooches cheaply when buying lots at auction.

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