Sometimes I Think My Eyeballs Will Roll Out of My Head

Bet that title caught your attention, eh?!

Research is a wonderful thing, yes really – honest!  The only trouble is I always push myself too far and end up with eye strain and or a headache from poring over old text, photos and/or plans.  Victorian handwriting can be as bad as translating hieroglyphics sometimes.

I would never give it up though, you’d have to restrain me somewhere and take my toys away!  Now, who wants to help me with the 1891 London census, art archives, sale room/auction archives, Raeburn, maps and plans…

Form an orderly queue here :mrgreen:


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4 Responses to Sometimes I Think My Eyeballs Will Roll Out of My Head

  1. Oh, and I thought American census takers had all the bad handwriting. I know exactly what you mean about those eyeballs! :shock:

  2. They do like to challenge us, don’t they?!

  3. have you thought of getting some computer glasses? I do a lot of computer work and they have helped reduce eye strain for me.

  4. I do wear glasses, it’s always my own fault when this happens as I am usually enjoying myself too much to take a break!

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