Sorry, Castle Fraser is Closed Today :(

Sorry people, due to the snow overnight, and the continued flurries this morning Castle Fraser is not opening today Saturday 22 March.

Please keep your fingers crossed, do a sun-dance or something like it so that the weather improves for the Easter event due to start tomorrow Sunday 23 March.

Any updates I will post here.

4 thoughts on “Sorry, Castle Fraser is Closed Today :(

  1. Just been contacted by phone for the snceod time by a company calling themselves Reclaim Cashback. They say they can get my money back from the liquidators but I have to pay a3 290 up front. I told them to send me information in the post they refused. I told them the Liquidators would contact me if I was owed money! I will not part with any money up front. Has anyone else been contacted by this company? Why is there not a legal team in this country dealing with it? Or is there? Marion

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