Strictly’s Back Next Week!

Yay, Strictly Come Dancing starts again next Saturday.  I’ve been watching the preview tonight, and it looks like it’s going to be another fun year.

You can always tell when Winter’s coming, when good TV is back on our screens!  I’m really enjoying Who Do You Think You Are?, Lost In Austen, Medium, Ghost Whisperer and The Tudors (believe it or not about The Tudors, I didn’t like the first series much).  Plus, I just heard that there is a new series called Merlin starting next week.  It’s in Robin Hood’s timeslot, so let’s hope it turns out to be better than that.

Now, all I’d like is for Channel 5 to show the latest series of NCIS, as I’ve got confused with which series I’ve seen or not, and for Bones to be back very soon.

Mmmm, cold nights, great books and TV.

5 thoughts on “Strictly’s Back Next Week!

  1. Although I didn’t recognize any of the new shows you mentioned (of course) and will not likely get to see any of them, I agree that with the fall comes more interesting programming. The Merlin preview clip made that show look very interesting. I love that kind of thing.

    PS-if you were on blogspot, you KNOW I would follow you. You know I would… :)

  2. I agree Series 2 of the Tudors is better – seems to be less histrionics and deeper characters. Jeremy Northam as Thomas More very good in both series I thought.
    Lost in Austen is good fun – actors clearly enjoying themselves.

  3. You are so right…the cooler weather does bring back the best television. I am also enjoying Lost in Austen, Who Do You Think You Are?, and Ghost Whisperer. I also wanted you to know that I will finally be getting the award up that you gave me. Sorry it has taken me quite a few days. I had a hard time whittling down my list. Thanks again. :smile:

  4. Well, you get Dancing With the Stars Max, plus Merlin will probably show on BBC America I should think. You also get shows like NCIS and Bones before us, I just found out the new series of Bones starts here next week and the first episode was shot in London, woo! By the way, I hope you would follow me in a non stalkerish kind of way young man.

    Definitely improving Cardinal, and I love Jeremy Northam he does great work. I think many people are taking Lost in Austen way too seriously too!

    GW is a little sentimental Joanne, but not so bad that I would stop watching it…you must have excellent taste Dori 😉 look forward to seeing your list.

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