Summer Visits

I managed to have some long overdue time off recently, and guess what?  I managed to squeeze in some castle visits!  Big surprise there eh?!

I went up to re-visit Huntly Castle, which is always a good one for a meander around, and picked up a book published by Historic Scotland called Clan and Castle.  It has a lovely section on Fraser castles and the different branches of the family, also included of course, is Castle Fraser.  A must buy then!

Went out with a friend to see Craigston Castle.  It’s a lovely private family home, which opens just a few times a year for visitors.  It reminds me in looks a little of Fyvie, a bit like a white-washed version.  It’s a really fascinating house, and do try and visit when you can.

Lastly, I took a trip around Pitmedden Garden.  I’d never had enough time to really look, and the Victorian house and the farming museum are really nice, but the gardens themselves are very old indeed, and beautiful.

I did my regular visit of Fyvie and Haddo last week too.  Yes, I am a castle junkie…did I mention I went to Glamis and Edzell Castles in April too??

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