The Castle Ghosts Series

As an addendum to my previous post, I remembered watching a series about castle hauntings on the Discovery channel some years ago.

I know that there are many ghost-type programmes out there, some better than others.  I did enjoy the mostly historical legends that were recounted here, however – plus the presenting by Robert Hardy.

I’ve discovered that you can also get it on DVD if you wish, but I’m sure it will be repeated on TV around the world.  You can also get a taster from YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s Castle Ghosts of Scotland – and Fyvie is included here!

The series are:

  • Castle Ghosts of England (1995)
  • Castle Ghosts of Ireland (1996)
  • Castle Ghosts of Scotland (1996)

Possibly hokey, but very enjoyable all the same!

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