The Coin Plot Thickens

After the great 1823 farthing discovery, I emptied my tin of coins to tidy them up and sort them out (Prinny shamed me into it!). Just when I thought there could be no more surprises, well actually there were.

I found out that I have more Edward VII coins than Victorian ones, ranging from 1902 to 1934. I have many, many Victorian pennies, mostly from the 1870s to 1902. The oldest English ones I have of her reign are actually, you guessed it, farthings again. I have a few of these from the 1860s. I do have a handful of George VI and our current queen Elizabeth II coins also dating 1938-1967.

I also discovered that the lady I inherited the majority of this collection from must have either bought quite a few from dealers, or more likely had friends travelling the world who brought her back coins. I have coins from Sweden, France, India, Belgium, Canada, Jersey, Guernsey, the USA, South Africa and Ireland (plus a couple more I’m not sure of yet!). The oldest ones of these date back to the 1880s, being France and Belgium particularly, and as I know her father and uncle fought in World War I, this would explain it, I think.

A little more exciting are the coins from India. I have a handful of these, some are Rupees, but a couple I have are the currency of the East India Company. A one quarter Anna from 1835 and a half Anna from 1845. Also, I personally found it exciting to see a coin from Belgium dated 1862 with Leopold on it. King Leopold was Queen Victoria’s uncle, the brother of her mother, and the widower of Princess Charlotte, daughter of King George IV who sadly died in childbirth in 1817.

But…wait for it, I have saved the best for last. I am in a state of shock to find that right at the bottom of the pile, I found another old farthing. I thought a first it must be another of George IV until I realised it says CAROLUS on it. That’s Latin for Charles for those of you who may not know. Yes, I have a Charles II coin dating from the 1670s.


Pictured: the coins before sorting, Victoria penny 1873 and farthing 1862, the East India coins and Leopold’s coin, lastly Prinny and Charles II farthings.

Sorry the photos aren’t great of these, I found the coins very frustrating to capture!

4 thoughts on “The Coin Plot Thickens

  1. Come to think of it, I might have some paper money from New Caledonia from the WWII era. My dad was stationed there in the Navy during that time. O M G is right Alison. This is very cool stuff. Wow, a coin from the 1670’s…that is amazing. :)

  2. Oh my goodness. Oh my dear *mouth dropped to the floor* I’m in awe. 1670-woah. Thx so much for sharing. Very impressive. Do tell more if you can/want.

    Hey, FYI. In the next few days, I’ll have a new blog design, avatar and name. So, when you stop over, just know it’s me and don’t leave, k?! k. have a nice night. (Soon to be “Foster me up” – the name of my book…that I’m writing.) *smooches*

    oh, and much more importantly, thx so much for your continued visits. i really love hearing from you.

  3. Now paper money is something I don’t have Webduck, though I think my grandfather did have some of the huge white five pound notes years ago.

    I know Melissa – 300 plus years old, I can’t have gone through the whole box of coins when I inherited it all those years ago. I particularly like Charles II, so I’m really happy about it. I’ll see if I can get some better images of it another day, might talk a bit about Charles too. Oh, and btw, I can’t see properly but I think it says 1678.

    I’ll be keeping my eyes open Rhonda, sounds exciting, especially about the book! I have another coin story for another day with an Eleanor update, so stay tuned!

    Thanks all for visiting :mrgreen:

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