The Cowdray Park Sale

This sale is certainly interesting to me for a number of reasons historically and art-wise, but not least because the contents of Dunecht House are included in the sale.

Cowdray Park, when I last heard is also up for sale, but this September sale is the contents of both the houses.  From pictures to light fittings, furniture to carpets – though officially it is classed as an art sale.

The sale is from the 13-15 September 2011, and you can view an e-catalogue, listings or buy the catalogue online from Christie’s.  You may even be able to bid online should you wish to.

Cowdray Park Sale: Works of Art from Cowdray Park and Dunecht House – at Cowdray Park, West Sussex.

Hmm, to buy or not to buy a catalogue…

4 thoughts on “The Cowdray Park Sale

  1. I went along to the auction AND bought catalogue. Reason being that I was a Footman at Cowdray Park back in the early 70’s (the last one in the UK I believe) so it was nice to have a the briefest of wanders round the old place under the watchful eye of the Christies stewards and to see items in the catalogue that I recall either washing, polishing or setting the dining table table with. Although the current Lord Cowdray dispensed with domestic servants a long time ago a chapter in British society closed the day he decided to sell Cowdary Park and auction the contents.

  2. I’d love to have seen it Ali – though we did get a catalogue, and there certainly was a variety of things for sale!

    It must have been strange to have been back and see those objects again. I do feel a little sad that the house and contents is going, not that my family particularly ever enjoyed being servants :smile:

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