The Day By the Sea

Happened a couple of weeks ago now, but I’ve been too caught up in other things to actually write about it.  We went for a meander out, thinking we would maybe do a bit of shopping.  Turns out, we ended up by the sea!

Now I know I live by the sea, but mostly I don’t remember it’s there.  You know, I’m not used to having it that close.  It was one of those almost perfect days, where the sun shone, and the sea breeze wasn’t too cold.  We stayed mostly in Cullen, and then had a pootle down the road looking for Findlater Castle, which ended up literaly as find later, as we couldn’t – find it that is.  Though we did find Conzie Castle, this is the mystery ruin I found by the road, but identify until recently.

Also found gorgeous antique shops, which I could have cheerfully lived in, bought Antonia Fraser’s bio of Marie Antoinette and a guide for Balmoral Castle.  I’ve wanted to re-read Marie Antoinette for ages, ever since I visited the Hofburg Palace in Innsbruck, Austria and saw the portratits of her, and all her brothers and sisters.  I got the Balmoral guide because I do want to visit, but I know there’s not much the public is allowed to see, so I thought I’d have a look beforehand.

The other shop yielded a Baby antique brooch (for my name brooch collection), designed by Charles Horner.  I got a good price for it, but I think it’s going to need some restoration work to bring the blue enamel back to its full beauty.  Pics of that later.  I’ve also managed to finally get a Castles Map, which turns out to have fairly obscure ruins on it, not quite obscure enough, but still.

Here’s the sea, taken from the harbour at Cullen, copyright 2008 Alison Lodge, please do not use without permission.

6 thoughts on “The Day By the Sea

  1. A pootle down the road? I suppose I had best be ready for that one in Wordscraper when it is your turn and you choose UK English. 😉 Very nice pic Alison. Do you use the “rule of three” when taking photos?

  2. How wonderful to live so near the sea – that’s my dream! That’s a beautiful picture, too. And those shops sound wonderful too…

    I think that beach walks are best at this time of the year, when it’s a little bit cold and the tourists are all gone…

    • Glad you all liked the pics! We had a wonderful pootle/meander etc etc :mrgreen:

      The tourists are still here at the moment, I’m not really sure that tourists ever really go home anymore though…

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