The Edwardian Country House

Did anyone else love this series?

I was re-watching the Victorian Farm programme recently, and it reminded me.  God, some of the people made me cringe on this show!

YouTube Preview Image

7 thoughts on “The Edwardian Country House

    • I didn’t like all of them Alexandra, but I loved the French chef and the Butler in Edwardian, too funny!

      Victorian Farm is fantastic Karina, do try and see Edwardian House if you can, I’m sure you’d like it.

      Hi Sandy, you should try it! I’ve just tried to get to your blog and the website address is showing as parked? A problem maybe??

  1. Not up to speed on this show, I watch so little TV even in the winter months and now that’s warm…am outside or here on the computer.

    Just making my way back for another visit. Hoping things are going well for you.

    Do swing by and take a virtual vacation with me, no packing or doing laundry necessary.


  2. I wonder if it is on in the U.S. I’ll have to check for this.
    Loved the covered soap dish and the black and white tile floor shown in this video clip:)

  3. Maybe it’s just in the UK. I’d like seeing anything with period costumes. Wish I had become a costume designer for movies and such. :)

    • Might be repeated in the US Jill, it was available on DVD region 2, don’t know about other countries. Same for you Laura – it was on quite a few years ago now. Costume deigner…cool idea. Never too late!

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