The First Emperor – China’s Terracotta Army

I heard yesterday that the British Museum in London is holding the first exhibition ever of the Terracotta Army outside of China. How excited am I!

I shall make a date with myself to visit London in the Autumn, as I’ve also heard that Tutankhamun will be paying a visit as well. My cup runneth over :mrgreen:

11 thoughts on “The First Emperor – China’s Terracotta Army

  1. I read a book about these years ago, and I’m so excited!

    I’ve heard that though his mask won’t be here, the rest will, so I’ll forgive them for that 😉

  2. They’re actually only moving a select few, and I watched a documentary on it, they are just so careful with things like this. I wouldn’t get to see them otherwise :sad:

  3. You could always go to China? I suppose nobody would get see dinosaurs bones if somebody hadn’t dug them up and put them in a museum.

    Also i presume they will get money to keep them in good condition so that is a good thing!

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