The London Journal 1857

Here’s the front page from the London Journal from 22 August 1857, which I own a full copy of.

I mainly like this for the illustrations, but it’s always worth taking a look at the short stories.  They’re an education, and I spoil you, I do.  😀

Ladies of Fashion

5 thoughts on “The London Journal 1857

  1. I will soon be posting a few excerpts from a 1909 ‘magazine’ we have. The media is newsprint, and named The Home Friend. Back in the mid 1980’s (before you were born, no doubt) we lived in an old house here in Port Orchard. It had been built in 1910. I don’t know if someone was trying for a time capsule thing or what, but they put this magazine in one of the dividing walls in a downstairs room. When my husband saw it, he grabbed it and ripped the mailing sleeve off it before I could stop him. 👿 Amazingly, the magazine was still in good shape after being rolled up in the wall for decades. Before Christmas I took it to Office Depot and had them scan all 41 pages and then put it on disk. Whew, I sure got long-winded telling you all that! :roll:

    • Looking forward to seeing more Carol, though you are wrong about the 1980s :mrgreen:

      It’s amazing that people are still throwing these things away, I think they are fascinating.

      Happy new year to you too, Devainty!

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