The Lost Souls

These 2 are photographs mounted on postcards.  As you can see, they are probably from the First World War period.  I often wonder in these cases, whether the person photographed survived or not.

These are the last of my pictures.  Can you give them a home?

7 thoughts on “The Lost Souls

  1. I’m not sure if the man on the horse is an officer. There’s something on his upper sleeve that looks like a lance-corporal’s stripe and I can’t make out any rank marks on the shoulder straps .

    I think it is around World War One – He’s wearing puttees (which also makes me think he’s not an officer) and the cap looks like it’s from the early period of the war. He’s probably in the cavalry, judging by the bandolier.

    Not sure about the other person – the bandolier he has looks funny, but I think it’s for a rifle – its loops are too narrow for a shotgun.

  2. Me too Carol :sad:

    Thanks Lidian and Jean, see my post!

    Jenn, thank you! My header pic is one of own photos of Castle Fraser, my workplace, which is in Scotland.

    I think so Max. Thanks for the tips Alastair! I suspect they are both WWI, I also think the more unusal pic could be European. Anyhow, as you like military stuff, would you be interested in re-homing them at all? I’ll leave you a message about it too.

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