The Models

Very pretty shampoo advertising cards dating from the 1920s.  The final picture is my favourite.

Miss Gladys GrayMiss Joan Clarkson

Miss Florence Horton


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5 Responses to The Models

  1. They are all nice pictures. I think I like the bottom one best, too. Hope your snow is melting. Take care.

  2. They’re all so pretty! Their carefully done hair makes me feel slightly lazy for giving the whole shower/shampoo thing a pass today. It’s only 3:30 though, the day isn’t over!

  3. I just love that era and the fingerwave hairstyles!

    • It’s not just you Melissa! I couldn’t be bothered to get my hair all done like this, even though I like it. They are pretty Max and Janet. I love the 20s Janet, it’s about as modern as I get…

  4. Ms Horton

    Hi, Amazing! The last pic is actually my Grandmother (who died quite some time ago). Thanks for posting it! :)

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