The Motleys, Or Could You Love Us?

Some of you may have noticed a little while ago I mentioned that I purchased a Victorian photo album.  I’m going to try and photograph it carefully to show you all, but it is in a very sorry state, and has been robbed of all but a few of its original photographic entries.  Sad, and I felt sorry for it, which is why I bought it in the first place!

I’d forgotten, until I was searching for it, that as a bonus I got a random envelope of photos and postcards with it too.  Probably no-one loved these either, some are quite faded, or have seen better days.

My question is, I am going to keep one or two of them, but could you love any of my motley collection?  I don’t want these to be re-sold, I’d like to find them a home.  Please see the first set.  I’m going to do a few more another day, including postcards.

8 thoughts on “The Motleys, Or Could You Love Us?

  1. I love your Motley crew of photos! And I love your blog too…Eleanor of Aquitaine is one of my favorite women in history and one of my ancestors (me and lots of other people, I know!).

  2. Wow, can you imagine the history on those photos? It almost makes me sad to think that they were abandoned until you rescued them. I get a strange feeling when I look through the old photo albums from my grandmother’s (who is now deceased) family. It’s wierd to think those people were born, lived lives just like us and are all gone now.

    • I’m glad you all enjoyed looking at them, they’re still sad and looking for a home, anyone??

      Thanks Laura, and welcome. Hope you come back for more!

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