The Steam Weekend Was Bat-tastic

Forgot to warn everyone that there is an annual weekend of vintage steam engines etc every June at the castle. But, I thought that the fans would know, so that’s ok.

We started Saturday off with a wedding. We don’t normally do weddings the same weekends as big events, but it was what the bride wanted, so she was forewarned. It was a ceremony only, so by mid-afternoon the bride and groom were married and off, and we could put the furniture back in the Great Hall for the steam widows and/or orphans to view. It was a great day, lots of interested visitors. I even managed a quick peek at the engines myself, it was great fun. I know my dad would have loved it.

For Sunday we were not so fortunate. The rain was absolutely terrible, and it prevented a lot of visitors coming. The other unfortunate thing was that the engines and other vehicles couldn’t move around on the events field outside because of the muddy conditions. Sadly, this meant that neither of us saw many people, and the weekend finished pretty early.

The highlight of my weekend anyway, was the fact that a bat was found in the China Room of the castle. I knew that we had Long-eared bats living in the Barracks (Attic), but we also have Pipistrelles living in the eaves of an out building. One of them, we think, must have fallen down the chimney in the night, and was lying on the window sill. After we called one of our park Rangers out to check on it, it soon warmed up, and we were able to release it back to the roof of the building, where I’m pleased to say, it made it’s own way home.  I still wonder if it was a baby one.

Never having met a bat before, I was amazed at how small this breed is. So tiny, and so cute, when the Ranger picked it up it squeaked at her in warning showing it’s tiny teeth! Yeah, you and whose army, I say! Needless to say, I am now a bat fan.

How was your weekend?!

3 thoughts on “The Steam Weekend Was Bat-tastic

  1. I bet/bat it was cute. You are a bleeding heart animal lover just like me. I like to keep my distance from ones with sharp teeth though. 😈

  2. Never heard of pipistrelles before! I fell in love with the name before even seeing the picture :) I like bats provided they’re not acting weird and rabid, dragging around on the garage floor.

  3. :smile: My favorite little creatures, you are so lucky to get up close to one. My folks had to drag me away from the Rodriguez fruit bats at the zoo, flappy on the outside, fuzzy in the middle and weird looking, just adorable! There are some caves down the road from where i live where concerts are held, they have lots of bats but one little chap hangs about just below eye level to say hello to everyone, too cute.

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