The Teddy Bear Orphanage Is Go!

I’ve probably mentioned before that we do a few small fund raising things to raise extra money for projects at the castle.  The main one for the last couple of years has been selling second hand books that have kindly been donated to us.

I had a brainwave this year, and decided that maybe visiting children would like to see a Teddy Bear Orphanage in the castle somewhere.  I wasn’t sure what the response would be at all, really.

This past week I’ve done a test run, and we are nearly out of the current group!  I’m really happy that everyone has liked this idea.  I’ve even had a few more homeless Teddy Bears and friends offered to me today, so there will be more on their way to a new home at the castle soon!

If you adopted one of our orphans, I hope you’ll be very happy together!  I’ll try and get some pictures of the next group very soon.

With regards to the books, we did really well last year, and managed to buy a digital camera for the castle, and are currently researching our next purchase, which I shall reveal soon if all goes well.

Thanks to everyone who donates, the books will be back on sale in the Entrance Hall very soon.

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