The Victorian Album

I finally managed to finish photographing my Victorian album!  I know, it has taken me forever – but I have so many projects to get through at any one time.

A brief introduction for any of you that don’t know, I bought a poor, abused photo album some time ago.  It has been robbed of most of its contents, the spine has fallen off, and the clasp is missing.  It still, however, manages to be beautiful.

It still has the beautiful leather cover with decoration, you can also still see some of the flowers and decorative scenes painted inside, plus many of the photos that are left are interesting to look at.  It does also make you wonder who the people belonged to.  It must have been cherished at one time.

Here are a few images of the album:

Leather cover

Interior decoration

Gentleman from album

Lady from album

Funnily enough, the lady reminds me of a picture from a post I did ‘The Keeper Family’, and the loose photos came as a bonus with the album.  Who knows, maybe they were in the album at one time?

If you haven’t seen the other photos in my collection, please check out the links below.

6 thoughts on “The Victorian Album

  1. Thanks, you’re not seeing quite how sad looking it is here, but I still really like it. Have another find to display soon. Watch this space!

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