The Victorian Jewellery Box

I’ve been looking at antique jewellery boxes for a few years now, but anything remotely nice has always been too expensive for me to get.

At the moment, the bulk of my brooch collection lives happily in a modern take on an antique box that I bought from Past Times, and it does the job, but still it’s not the same.

I was lucky enough to spot a small box at my local antique shop, and discovered that it is not only a Victorian Jewellery box, it is most probably a travelling one, and it still has it’s own key!  Very exciting for me, it’s in such good condition and was reasonably priced.

We can date it to the 1890s, as it has a small pocket where a lady would keep her fob watch, very fashionable at the time.  Check out some views below, the red interiors are much darker in natural light.

I haven’t decided what to put in it yet…

Box with key

Open Box

Box with tray


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5 Responses to The Victorian Jewellery Box

  1. Great find! Very pleased for you.

  2. That’s a great find Alison!

  3. What a wonderful find, Alison. I love the interior. It looks very rich and opulent. How nice to be able to keep your jewellery in something so beautiful.

  4. That’s really nice. I’m glad you found it.

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