The Victorian Ladies Are Back

Yes, the ladies from my photo collection are back.  Or more correctly, I recently acquired some more.  😉

The first one I love because of her beautiful eyes, the next two I actually bought more for their jewellery.  The first, as her locket looks like mine, and the second because I would probably kill for that collar and locket!  She also has the distinction of being my first American Victorian lady.

I will have some Edwardian girls to show soon.

6 thoughts on “The Victorian Ladies Are Back

  1. The first, because of the texture of the design of her dress.

    I’m going to my parents’ this weekend, and must take a look at my mom’s photos. The style of dress seems very similar, but the pictures I’m thinking of were taken in the late 1800s-early 1900s (I think – will have to ask Mom who’s who and when).

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