There Be Mice In This House

Some of you will be pleased to know they aren’t the real-live kind, though I do have pet rats, but that’s another story…

The creative gene probably came to me via my Mother, who has been making things for years, even when she was quite a young child, and her Mother did also.ย  She is a fantastic knitter, she could probably do things in her sleep, and her current thing to make is mice.ย  The highly cute kind.

Here’s some pictures of the first batch (or at least most recent, she has made them before) and I persuaded her to make little Halloween version too.ย  She gets patterns, and then adapts them, and makes different clothes etc.

Please note, that I didn’t inherit the knitting gene sadly, I am rubbish.

6 thoughts on “There Be Mice In This House

  1. Oh how cute!! Your mom is very talented. I can crochet, and have done afghans for almost everyone in the family. LOL Oh, and I did crochet some organ warmers once… ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  2. Those are adorable mice! I can’t knit either, though crochet is OK when I’m watching television. I don’t watch much television so I don’t do much crochet. I have to ask though, Carol, organ warmers? Umm, could you possibly elaborate? The mind boggles :)

    • Thanks! I can crochet and embroider, but that’s about it! Yes, we hope that many children will be enjoying these for Halloween, and then we have some more for Christmas too.

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