Things to Do At Castle Fraser This December

Well, I did promise I would update you on this one!

Across the NTS we are having lots of Christmas events.  Castle Fraser will be having Carol Concerts, Santa Lucia and of course, the Follow the Star weekend.

Follow the Star is of course, a procession of the 3 Kings, Camels, Angels and Shepherds and manger.  (Full size, and non-managerial, tee hee!)

You can click on the posters below to read the specifics, if you need any further information, do telephone or email the castle.

2 thoughts on “Things to Do At Castle Fraser This December

  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by and dropping your card ay my blog.

    I love your blog, particularly the photography. Is Eleanor the namesake of the song by a band called Lindisfarne called “Lady Eleanor”? That was always a favorite of mine.

    • Hi Ari, thanks for dropping and commenting. I’m glad you like my blog and I’m very proud of my photography so I’m very happy about that.

      Eleanor is a medieval queen I particularly admire, but I welcome many references to Eleanors here.

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