Time For a New Castle, I Think

I know some of you were going to set up with me and buy Tillycairn Castle a while ago, but I’ve just discovered another on the market that I think we’ll have to add to our empire.

Midmar Castle is a gem, and has been restored over the years to be a comfortable home.  Well, as comfortable as castles get I gather.  It comes with Old Masters, armour and a deer farm.  Be still my heart.

It is also important to me as it was a prototype for the later Castle Fraser!  It has the same family of masons involved, and looks a little like a mini CF.

Come on, it’s starter price is only 5m.  Let’s pop over and make them an offer they can’t refuse?  Pretty please??

7 thoughts on “Time For a New Castle, I Think

    • I think we can pretty much guarantee the granite counters around here, but you know these historic houses Carol…

      Do you think they’d take a fiver offer Chris? Ahh, deer farms Max, no chasing, y’hear?

  1. Do you think they would trade in for a 2 bed city apartment with central heating, double glazing, parking space? Here’s hoping!

  2. It’s FANTASTIC! I have cheekily requested further info from the estae agent but probably won’t get. I’d Really like to Look Around…….

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