Tin Man

Thanks to – probably both Blood Ties and Moonlight – now being cancelled I’m on the lookout for some new TV shows to watch.

I saw an advert the other day for Tin Man.  Apparently it’s an updated version, if you will, of the Wizard of Oz.  I saw a little bit of an episode today, but I really think I’m going to need to watch it from the very beginning in order to work out what’s going on!  Although, I think it’s only a mini-series, so it’s not going to last me forever :sad:

At least, at the moment, I still have in the way of supernatural dramas, Medium, Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer.  Crime, I have NCIS, Bones and Cold Case.  Watch ‘em if you will.

Here’s a link for more information at the SCI-FI channel.  You can catch it on this channel in both the UK and US.


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5 Responses to Tin Man

  1. I had a sky plus issue and it wiped the saved episodes :(

  2. Watched the catch-up today, though still missed the first episode and was a bit confused. Ending? Bit confused with that too…

  3. So is it worth finding and watching?

  4. Blood Ties, cancelled? :cry:

  5. From the network yes, I haven’t heard that they’ve been taken up by anyone else, so I’m assuming it’s permanent now :sad:

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