True Blood, Or Have You Read Charlaine Harris?

There’s hope yet for us Vamp TV addicts!

I started reading Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire tales, aka the Sookie Stackhouse books years ago (when they first came out in the US) starting with Dead Until Dark.

I just recently heard that a TV show called True Blood is being made of the series of books!  It has already been picked up by HBO, and I understand shows are currently being made starring Anna Paquin as Sookie ( a waitress) and Stephen Moyes as her vampire boyfriend Bill Compton.  It premieres in the US in September.

Let’s hope it has more luck than the last ones!  Anyhow, I definitely recommend reading the books, even if we never get to see the show.

Charlaine Harris’ website

8 thoughts on “True Blood, Or Have You Read Charlaine Harris?

  1. I stopped making time to read. I even put down my Jane Austin :( Love to hear about other good ones though. I can vicariously live thru your experience. *lovies*

  2. I’ve read all the Sookie books as well. The only one I haven’t gotten to yet is the newest one, “From Dead to Worse”, which just came out. I’ve been following the news on “True Blood” because I’m so very excited about the books being made into an HBO series. My friend and I started a fan site called to try to get the word out about this show so people will watch it and they’ll cover all the books in this series. :mrgreen: I was never a fan of this genre, but if the story is well written and fun, I’m game!

  3. ive read all the books!!!! well not “from Dead to Worse” (sadly) but i did see a sneek peak on HBO and it was of “True Blood”!!!! i must say im am very excited and i cant wait……Sookie Stackhouse has made my must read list, and there sooooo good i can read them over and over again!!!!!!! :mrgreen: i love vampyer (i like this spelling better) books and if you want more must reads just post 😉 and ask for my email!!!!!!

    • The books are cool! I know what you mean Liz I’m excited to see what happens, I haven’t read the latest one yet either Zayna. I read a lot of books in this genre, but I’m always open to suggestions.

  4. Hahaha! Well Alison if you ever need a new book I’ve read dozens!!! Just ask and I could give you some names! If you want we could email and discuss books! I just can wait! lol o well I guess I’ll just have to wait.

  5. Hey Ryan, I’ve been looking everywhere for that! Ha ha ha. Thanks! I started watching it but I have everything going at once. I cant get enough of Harris! :)

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