Vintage Films

I absolutely love vintage films and have a small collection of memorabilia, which I’ll be doing some posts on soon.  I just found this clip of a particular favourite of mine, First A Girl, 1935.  It’s a bit obscure these days, and you can’t buy it on DVD, I was lucky enough to grab it on video about 10 or so years ago.

Great comedy, song and dance numbers and gorgeous costumes, yay!

Just to whet your appetites!

9 thoughts on “Vintage Films

  1. What a fantastic clip! Thank you so much, it was a real treat to see – I love old movies too, and look forward to your posts on them!

    Big dance numbers with plumes and giant seashells are always the way to a 30s man’s heart! :)

    • As far as I know, it’s the first English language version, the original being a German film. Jessie certainly was daring for her time.

      Me too Carol, I find some of the dance formations fascinating too! Thanks for the link :smile:

  2. Whenever I see films of this era, I find that I am spending as much time looking at the sets and clothes as taking in what the film is about. I am here visiting and commenting through the carnival “Would You Care To Comment”, and I have put a link to your blog in an post. 😎

  3. Ah yes, I love vintage films. I actually have a small collection of vintage horror films that I’m working on. Movies like “Nosferatu” and “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.” Though they are super old and kind of cheesy on some level, they still give me the chills sometime, hehe.

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