Vintage Shopping – Jewellery or Silhouettes?

I’m really missing finding my antique jewellery bargains.  I’ve also now been lured into looking at antique silhouettes.  Great things to get, easy to store and the cheaper end of the market to buy thank goodness!

I haven’t had my fix of either for ages.  I haven’t bought a name brooch (or any other kind for that matter) since September 2008, and I haven’t got a silhouette to start my collection yet – soon I hope.

A Victorian Brooch Collective

Some of you may also remember that I love Victorian ‘black’ brooches, i.e Jet, Pressed Horn etc.  Here are some good sites to window shop at:

I haven’t bought anything from these sites yet, plus there are always auctions to pick up interesting items from.

Interesting information if you like this kind of brooches:

Some of my black hand brooches

A selection of my favourites

Here also are some great shops to browse at silhouettes:

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