Warning – This Post is Overflowing with Cuteness!

We have captured the cuteness that is baby guinea pigs or piglets on film.  In the first picture there is: Badger, Snowdrop, Bandit and Cinnamon (Bandit is the only girl in this litter) The second picture shows Midge and Mungo, who we think are both girls.


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3 Responses to Warning – This Post is Overflowing with Cuteness!

  1. Hello little piggies! You’re adorable. I like how Mungo (if she’s on the righthand side?) seems a bit grim and glaring about the photo taking.

  2. Awww they are cute little guinea piggies!

    I used to have a hamster, but not a good idea now I have a cat :smile:

  3. Yes that is Mungo – we thought it was funny, as she looks a bit like she’s fallen out with Midge! They were only a few hours old when this was taken, so maybe they were a bit annoyed about being away from their nest with their Mummy!

    I have rats too – kitties are strictly forbidden in the ratty area ;-)

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