Weekend Snapshot #3

I work at Castle Fraser most weekends.  This Saturday we also had a wedding, so it was a really busy day.  Here’s my view of my walk to work through the Courtyard to the Servant’s entrance to the castle.

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20 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshot #3

  1. That’s a dramatic and beautiful photograph. You certainly have more interesting scenery when you walk than I do. I have always been fascinated by the castles in Europe and have enjoyed sightseeing visits to a few. That’s one thing we miss out on in the U.S. is castles to visit unless we go overseas.

  2. We have castles in the USA, but they are the old homes built in the gilded age, etc. Where exactly is Castle Fraser, if I might ask. As Carver said, you certainly have a much more scenic walk than most of us. :) I have some Scottish Fraser kin, suppose I could get a room at the castle? :smile: Seriously, this is a beautiful picture Alison. Glad you liked the moose on my blog. 😉

  3. WOW! What a beautiful photo and such a great place for photo ops! :) Nice entry this week;)
    Keep ’em coming!

    Mine is up as well if u have a chance;D

  4. Hi! I came here through Weekend Snapshot. What can I say, your castle picture is just awesome! And your blog’s header gives me a fairy-tale-kind-of-feeling. Beautiful!

    • Hello all, and thanks for visiting this week!

      I’m glad you like Castle Fraser, it is in the village of Sauchen, near Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I will be creating a virtual tour on my website soon, so you can all visit in spirit! I have other castles on my site too, just look up my photos section for more.

      I certainly feel very lucky indeed, working there.

  5. Hi Hoto, it’s right around the other side!

    It’s certainly a very big castle, and much of it looks as it would have done in the 1890s. It also looks great at weddings!

    There are other photos of the castle in my archives if any of you want to take a look.

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