Well, I’d Never Heard of Him Before…

Whilst dribbling over the TV programme Antiques Roadshow (members of the public come in from all over the UK to have their treasures valued – for the uninitiated) a lady and her son came in with 3 pictures of birds which were quite pleasant.

I don’t normally get too interested in the art that comes up, until they moved to the artists’ signature which was G. E. Lodge.  Now, to me, that’s highly exciting as he’s a namesake, and I’m a family historian.  I’d never heard of a Lodge artist before.

Before any of you get too excited, he’s from Lincolnshire, and it’s doubtful that we’re related, but still I like to hear of famous people with the same surname as me.  Some of them are even actually related…

You can find out more about him here.  Interestingly, his father was Canon of Lincoln Cathedral, and I’ve been there too.


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  1. I would have finished that post off with an estimate of how much money the art was worth – just like they do it on roadshow.

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