We’re Going Through Changes

Some of you already know that back in the Summer I decided to go back into studying.  In fact, I’ve been wanting to for quite some time.

Since September I have started at University on a part-time certificate course, which will take me up to May 2010 to complete.

At the moment I am studying Philosophy and History, and once I finish exams for these in January, I will then take two more subjects.  I am hoping to do well (I’m told I am at the moment!) and go on to study something else in September 2010, but one day at a time.

I know that you guys will be out there cheering me on, and as you have seen already I’m still here blogging when I can.  I’m also still doing lots of things as well as studying.  Still found at the castle, doing photography etc etc.

Sometimes there will be gaps when I post as I will probably be writing essays, but I’m still here and so is Eleanor.  In fact Eleanor and I are plotting a few updates on the site too, so watch this space…

2 thoughts on “We’re Going Through Changes

  1. Congratulations! Studying history really appeals to me. It’s hard work being a part-time student, but I must say you make me feel I should be doing something too. I look forward to an explanation of philosophy – I have little idea what that could involve. :)

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