What a Difference a Few Years Make

Just a quick one.  I’ve been going through some old sites and services that I joined when I first started blogging.

I might delete a few more of them yet, but whilst weeding one I noticed just how many blogs that I added between mostly 2007/2008 had disappeared.  I’m not just talking about changing sites, names, announcing a break etc etc, just disappeared without a word.

I have to say, if I ever decide to close up shop here, I will tell you.  It seemed kind of sad to me that many people I followed and spoke with had gone from the blogosphere altogether.  Especially those that I ‘met’ via Wordless Wednesday.  What a pity that meme got spoilt by being overdone daily.

Anyhow, moving on from the maudlin – is there anybody out there that follows this blog that hasn’t said hello yet?  Just a quick one will do!  It would be nice to see who is following.  Same goes for my faithful readers, be nice to see you too.  On that note, and new blog recommendations?  What do you think I should be reading in 2010?

8 thoughts on “What a Difference a Few Years Make

  1. I honestly don’t know whether I’ve commented before. I check out every blog entry, though…

    I’m astonished at how many of my first beloved blogs haven’t posted in over a year… wow…

  2. I think I entertained closing down one of my blogs a couple times, but friends like you kept me at it. :) I’m not sure what kind of blogs you prefer, so my recommendations might not be to your taste. Also, one thing you might consider for your own blog is putting CommentLuv here. And/or LinkWithin. I think they are both WordPress plugins.

  3. I was going to recommend a couple of blogs but I noticed they’re already in your blogroll! 😀 Some of my favourite blogs have either stopped posting or disappeared completely from the net 😥 It’s a shame for all the old posts to be lost.

    • Glad to see you all still here – and hello Shakespeare, I think you left a comment in December too! I’m still open to blog recommendations, just anything but making money online!

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