8 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Place?

  1. I wanna go there now! was meant to be going this year with the two sisters, but eldest has got a foster baby so no go 😥
    I am saving up to travel the world once i was finished my counselling diploma.

  2. Wow… This is a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. My favorite place is right here in front of my computer…I am a little off in my head maybe though.

  3. I’m sure you’ll get there Claire, you must that’s an order!

    I’m glad you like it Jennifer, I’m hard to pry away from my computer too, but perhaps you should visit someday :smile: Thanks for visiting.

  4. Ah yes, I remember it well.. although I never understood the fondness of those schnitzels!

    My favourite place? Hmm I’m torn between a little place called Bright in South Austrlia and Eighty mile beach in western Australia.. Can I not have two???

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